samedi 5 octobre 2013

Heavy Metal Death Pirate Project

Discover our very first project: "Heavy Metal Death Pirate". It's a Platform-RPG aimed at PCs and Macs for now.

Here are its main features:

- 60 fps action
- HD Graphics
- A unique blend of sidescroller run n'gun action mixed with RPG elements
- Play as Super Heroes who can fly at will, shoot massive energy waves and punch their way through a diversity of environments
- 15 stages and many side missions
- 7 unique playable characters
- Explore the city of South Town and investigate on the mysterious Death Pirate
- Meet new friends who will grant you bonuses during your battles. Strengthen these friendships to get more rewards from them!
- An original story with an edgy soundtrack
- Level up your characters and unlock new techniques and gameplay elements
- and more...

We'll post a lot more informations and the first screenshots very soon!

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