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Summary of the main features

Heavy Metal Death Pirate is a 2D Video Game Project for PC and Mac (for now). Our aim is to create an action game with a rich background and a gripping story.

The Concept

Heavy Metal Death Pirate is a 2D action sidescroller taking place in contemporary urban environments. The main feature of the game is that it mixes many different retro gameplay styles in a single game. There are many unique characters to choose from and they are divided into three different types of gameplay for now: Shoot'em up, Run n'gun and Beat'em up. Of course, the whole game was designed with this in mind and every stages can be completed with any kind of gameplay.

Consequently, a Shoot'em up character can fly freely inside the stage but he can only shoot in one direction and he is defeated only after a few hits. A Run n'gun characters can jump at will but he's always subject to the gravity and can fall into pits and other traps. He can shoot in any direction and has more HPs. A Beat'em up character can't jump as high and he only has short range attacks. Yet, he's stronger in short range combat and he can take many hits before falling down.

The game is divided into 15 main stages. There are many different objectives to complete in each stages in accordance with the story: reach the end, protect somebody, destroy a particular enemy... There are 14 optionnal side stages: harder levels focusing on a secondary characters or a more obscure side of the story. The scenario has been an important part in the conception of the game.

In contrary with many game in the genre, the story is here the main focus and it's told before and after each stages through skippable detailled dialogue scenes where comedy and drama are mixed together. Our goal was really to create a gripping story, a complex background and lovable characters.

The Story

Year 20XX.

After years of financial turmoil and social uprisings, Europa is once again victim of an unfortunate event. A massive earthquake strikes the city of South Town, adding even more misery and poverty to the nation's downfall. Many people died on the day which will be remembered as the "Black Monday".

Many years later, Europa rose to become the world's largest economy thanks to the creation of the "UCP". Based in a rebuilt South Town, the firm is manufacturing military armors which multiply the physical and mental abilities of their users. They were called the "J-Suits". In spite of criticisms from the peace movements, the trade of war weapons was a huge success all accross the world and the "UCP" and its founder, the Captain Copper, were soon considered as the benefactor of the country.

Hideo , one of the few survivors of the "Black Monday" , is part of the " J- Academy " , the new school where engineers are trained to maintain the J- Suits. But soon the city is under attack by mysterious creatures called " Diemen ". When obscure powers awaken in him, Hideo has no choice but to defend the people of South Town ... But you don't become a Hero in just a few days... Misunderstandings will multiply along his way and soon, the whole city will want his head: Rapping Yakuzas, the "Autumn Leaves" Nursing Home, the Super Heroes Communist Syndicate and finally, the National Army! Fortunately, other heroes will join him in his battle... or fight him!


Hideo - The Death Pirate

The "hero" of the story is one of the few survivors of the "Black Monday" in South Town. Ten years after the tragedy, he began studying engineering at the J-Academy to become an operator. He will soon discover he has an unknown but devastating power: he can become the Death Pirate, a murderous creature. He will then try to discover what really happened 10 years ago and why this curse fell upon him.

Type: Run n'gun 

Strength: C/ Power: A/ Constitution: B/ Defense:D/ Speed: A

Judau - The Squier

He thinks himself as the most popular and most skilled pilot in the academy. He boasts a lot and claims that his father is the mysterious and powerful "Mayor". What will be the significance of this lie? Hideo will have to team up with him and deal with his individualism and pride.

Type: Run n'gun

Strength: B/ Power: C/ Constitution: B/ Defense:C/ Speed: B

Bishop - Mifune

This mysterious young man is an operator in the UCP Militia, the firm which builds and commercializes the J-Suits. He's unsociable and taciturn but he still has a strong sense of justice which will lead him to fight the Death Pirate many times...

Type: Beat'em up

Strength: A/ Power: D/ Constitution: B/ Defense:D/ Speed: A

Jazz - The Backhorn

Jazz is Hideo's childhood friend and one of the elite pilot of the UCP Militia. He falls in love with Polly and he will then have to fight Hideo to protect the one he loves. He's the protégé of Captain Copper, the J-Suit creator, which will soon become a more and more cumbersome burden.

Type: Beat'em up

Strength: A/ Power: D/ Constitution: B/ Defense:A/ Speed: D

Rori - The Psicophant

Rori is in the same class as Hideo and Judau as an aspiring pilot in the J-Academy. She's quite laidback and not really interested in the classes. She admits bluntly she's only in the school to meet a husband who might become famous and who will help her accomplish her dream: become a celebrity. Under these superficial aspects, she will be the first to investigate on the real nature of the J-Suits and the past of Captain Copper.

Type: Shoot'em up

Strength: D/ Power: B/ Constitution: D/ Defense:C/ Speed: A

Gunter - Xenon the Prince of Merciless Darkness

Gunter is the shy guy of the academy. He signed in as an aspiring pilot to become a hero but he ends up in the operator class by a strike of bad luck. Unable to accept this fate, he will disguise himself as Xenon, 'The Prince of Merciless Darkness" to become the Superhero he always wanted to become. In this disguise, he will have a totally different persona and he will create his own personal Army of Darkness made of elderly and yakuzas...

Type: Run n'gun

Strength: B/ Power: B/ Constitution: B/ Defense:B/ Speed: B

Polly - Long Hu

Polly is the descendant of an ancient clan who sealed the Death Pirate a long time ago during a long-forgotten war. This normal young girl will have to embrace a destiny she wasn't expecting and she will have to learn to use those legendary powers to seal the beast again. But the task will be much harder when she will befriend Hideo...

Type: Shoot'em up

Strength: C/ Power: C/ Constitution: C/ Defense:A/ Speed: B


- 60 fps action!

- Available Language : french and english

- HD Graphics

- A mix of action and RPG

- Play as a super hero who can fly and explore vast levels in various environments

- 15 stages and 14 special episodes

- 7 unique characters with three different types of gameplay

- Explore the city of South Town and investigate on the mystery of the Death Pirate

- Meet new characters and befriends to obtain bonuses during the stages - An original story and an edgy soundtrack

- Level up and upgrade your technique and abilities

- and more...

New HD Trailer!!!

The Music

Most of the soundtrack has been written by me except for a few tracks where my longtime friend Sir Grokik helped me. The soundtrack features many different tstyles, mostly Pop, Metal and sometimes Jazz.

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