mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Developer diary#1: Singe

Like many indie developers, Singe Studio is actually just one person... Some people think it's stupid to use the name of a "studio" or a "company" to develop game but for me, it's just a pseudonym really... I don't really like to see my real name displayed everywhere on the internet. I don't know, it may be a kind of shyness.

Why "Singe Studio"? It's not that i mean to be a "studio", it's more an homage to Akira Toriyama (the mangaka behind "Dragon Ball") who funded his "Bird Studio" very early in his career. He signed most of his work under both his alias and his name, even though he's sometimes the only one who worked on the project.

So yeah, I'm guilty of all the stuff you'll find here. The art, the music, the story, the programming, I did everything. Not that I wanted to, it's more that I don't know any people who would do that for (nearly) free. And I may be a bit of a control freak too.

Well, that's it for today. Keep checking here to get more info about me or read some stories about videogame making...


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