mardi 6 janvier 2015

Death Pirate SP: Features

Death Pirate SP is a new upgraded version of Heavy Metal Death Pirate for Android. Here is a run-down of all its features:

- Totally revamped gameplay especially made for android. The focus now is more on the shoot'em up elements as the player can fly freely around the levels.

- All characters have been rebalanced so their gameplay has been adjusted for the new support. Lackluster characters such as Backhorn and Mifune are now able to compete with the others.

- The ending has been expanded and many bosses have been remade.

- A new difficulty setting appears! You can fight now fiercer and stronger enemies for more GOLD!

- Many, many bugs have been corrected.

- The game speed has been greatly accelerated without any impact on the performances.

- Some portraits have been redrawn.

- An all new menu interface for Android.

The game will be released very soon- probably around february 2015. More infos coming soon!

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