mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Developer Diary #8: Change of mind

2500 units?! It was way beyond my expectations!!! I sold the game for 4.99 dollars and it sold 2500 units! Amazing!!!

And Desura paid me... 400 dollars?! Hum... Let's see: 2500*5=12500 dollars... 12500-400=12100 dollars. Yeah... I really accepted a very bad deal. That's OK, I signed, I take the blame. But no more Desura for me.

So now, I have a few questions... Of course, I wouldn't have sold that many games through my website. Because selling a PC game outside of a store is just suicidal. Nobody cares about your game, even if it is a masterpiece. But it would have sold as much and perhaps even more on a platform like Steam or GooglePlay with a much better deal. Is that so? Then there is the genre of the game. HMDP is full-fleshed game with many characters, many stages and modes, unlockables and complex gameplay. PC gamers are supposedly more attracted to this hardcoregaming type. It is a different thing on android. There, we have free, simplistic, time killing, applications. Would it fare as good? To port a platformer on tablet is quite an ordeal as you have to greatly simplify stuff. It might even end up a completely different game... But to make it simpler would actually get rid of the clunkiness of some mechanics and make it more "in-your-face"... Hum... That might be interesting.

This pushed me to port the game on Android: much better deal and perhaps even more exposure though more competition... Well... In front of the previous result, I HAVE TO do it. Frankly.


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