mardi 29 octobre 2013

First trailer!

A little promo video of the game. It was made a few months ago and it's a real pain to do. Making a video of a video game creates a lot of slowdown so I had to make a lot of adjustements. I can guarantee you the game is running smoothly at 60 fps and the fluctuation in speed during the video is because I didn't have enough RAM to make a good one.

Anyway, here it is:

mardi 22 octobre 2013

More screenshots!

Here's a second batch of screenshots!

A little tribute to Super sentai shows!!!

The third stage takes place in the J-Academy where the heroes are studying.

Here's a little glimpse at the boss: The Squier Prototype!

See you next time for more infos!

mercredi 16 octobre 2013

First screenshots

Here the first screenshots of the game. Hope you enjoy it!

 These are the dialogue scenes. A big emphasis has been put on the story to involve even more the player into the game.

This is the first stage. It takes place in the City at night.

I made sure each stage has its own set of enemies and scenery elements. 

Enter the second character of the game: Judau, the Squier RX!

Each character has its own set of short range and long range attacks. The Squier uses a gun and canon to destroy its enemies!

As a bonus, here are a few screenshots of the second stage, the old mansion.

More info coming soon!

samedi 5 octobre 2013

Heavy Metal Death Pirate Project

Discover our very first project: "Heavy Metal Death Pirate". It's a Platform-RPG aimed at PCs and Macs for now.

Here are its main features:

- 60 fps action
- HD Graphics
- A unique blend of sidescroller run n'gun action mixed with RPG elements
- Play as Super Heroes who can fly at will, shoot massive energy waves and punch their way through a diversity of environments
- 15 stages and many side missions
- 7 unique playable characters
- Explore the city of South Town and investigate on the mysterious Death Pirate
- Meet new friends who will grant you bonuses during your battles. Strengthen these friendships to get more rewards from them!
- An original story with an edgy soundtrack
- Level up your characters and unlock new techniques and gameplay elements
- and more...

We'll post a lot more informations and the first screenshots very soon!

Welcome to Singe Studio!

Singe Studio is an independant Video Game creator. We handle our own graphics, stories, musics and gameplay elements. Thank you for visiting our website!

We are currently looking for funds to release our first big project "Heavy Metal Death Pirate". We'll keep you posted with new updates about the game and how you can help us.

See you soon!