lundi 11 août 2014

NPCs - Part I: The UCP

Here are the non playable characters of the game with a small bio:


The UCP is the company behind the creation of J-Suits. They founded the J-Academy. The pupils of the school generally end up in the Milicia, a private army aimed at destroying the Diemen.

 Boss Shin - He's Hideo's main mentor at the J-Academy. He's a bit weird and grandiloquent but he seems to be a competent teacher.

 Captain Copper - He's the main founder of the UCP and the leader of the Milicia. He was a politician before but he had to quit after a financial scandal a few years ago. Thanks to the J-Suits' success, he's now back in the business and runs for the upcoming presidential elections. His J-Suit is the Jaguar X.

 Valis - She's Captain Copper assistant and one of the Milicia's General. She's entirely devoted to him and would risk her life to take him to the top. Her J-Suit is the Budokan.

 Dr Moshpit - This mysterious man wanders in the UCP buildings. He's not supposed to be working here but his presence is tolerated because he's the old friend of Captain Copper and the UCP's cofounder. Some people said he built an hybrid J-Suit with incredible power...