vendredi 1 mai 2015

Developer Diary #12 - Overview of the story and explanations


I realized I didn't express myself much on the story of the game and I didn't promote it as much as it deserves it.

Basically, the story takes place in the very near future in Europe. The financial crisis is over and Europe has become the world's largest economy power. What?! How is it possible? A new Company called the "UCP" began producing a new kind of armors, the "J-Suits", that enhance the physical and mental abilities of Humans. So yes, in that future, Europe has become the richest nation in the world by selling weapons. People and pacifists are outraged but there's just too much money to be made.

The making of these armors is quite mysterious. We don't know where their powers come from, how they are produced... And soon, monsters appear and start assaulting the countries... The two events seem linked but instead of stopping the production of the J-Suits, Europe sells more and more of J-Suits because people are scared... and because the politicians don't want to stop making money. Then, it becomes a vicious circle.

This is, in short, the basics of the story. This is also what happens right now in Europe. They tell us we need money and they'll do anything to get it. We already sell weapons, yes, but in a "reasonable" way. I just wanted to ask the question "where would the people in power go to make that money?". The goal of the State is to protect the people, to insure its safety and welfare. And with that Crisis, the governments are doing quite the contrary. They are sucking on the poorest, in sometimes an inhuman way, to make that money.

The parallel is that, in both cases, the State is going against its nature. The State which is supposedly a virtuous protector of society has become the killer of Civilization, promoting hate, individuality and war. Right now, in Europe, people are hating each others, they are even hating themselves! Why? Because the Governments are crushing them and telling them that their neighbourgs are stealing their jobs and their money. They tell us if we don't do as they say, Europe will fall down and there will be misery all over the place.

Everybody is aware of this... but we don't do anything about it... because we are scared. And there we've got our vicious circle.

In my story, things turn sour and the plan backfires. Nature takes its rights back. I hope people will take the power back in Europe.

Death Pirate will be released on Steam on 6th June 2015. Death Pirate SP is already available on the Google PlayStore for android. Here's the link: