mardi 26 novembre 2013

Playable Characters: Hideo


Age: 16

He survived the "Black Monday" in South Town ten years ago. He's now an operator in training in the J-Academy. His ultimate goal is to prevent the atrocity caused by the "Black Monday". He will soon discover he's possessed by an obscure power: the Death Pirate. What is the Death Pirate and why did it choose Hideo to carry its purpose?

Type: Run n'gun
Speed: A

samedi 16 novembre 2013


"Year 20XX,

After years of financial turmoil and social uprisings, Europa is once again victim of an unfortunate event. A massive earthquake strikes the city of South Town, adding even more misery and poverty to the nation's downfall. Many people died on the day which will be remembered as the "Black Monday".

Many years later, Europa rose to become the world's largest economy thanks to the creation of the "UCP". Based in a rebuilt South Town, the firm is manufacturing military armors which multiply the physical and mental abilities of their users. They were called the "J-Suits". In spite of criticisms from the peace movements, the trade of war weapons was a huge success all accross the world and the "UCP" and its founder, the Captain Copper, were soon considered as the benefactor of the country.

Hideo , one of the few survivors of the "Black Monday" , is part of the " J- Academy " , the new school where engineers are trained to maintain the J- Suits. But soon the city is under attack by mysterious creatures called " Diemen ". When obscure powers awaken in him, Hideo has no choice but to defend the people of South Town ...

Faced with fellow jealous superheroes, raving communists, angry metrosexual yakuzas , sectarian gurus, our hero will for sure need the power of the Heavy Metal Death Pirate!"

jeudi 7 novembre 2013

System - Hero's actions

Here we go for a little round-up of the possible actions for the characters!

By pressing the Action button repeatedly, your hero can make multiple combos to defeat his enemies at close-range.

Your hero can also shoot projectiles to keep the enemies at bay.

By using the "special" button, you can unleash the special technique of your character. You can also combine the "defense" button with either the "special" or the "gun" buttons to releash deadly finishers and do massive damage!

The hero can jump by pressing the "jump" button. Press it again repeatedly to double, triple jump and more... to reach the highest buildings! The "rush" button allows to fly freely at high speed.

See you next time for more exciting news!!!