lundi 24 février 2014

Playable character: Rori The Psicophant

Rori - The Psicophant
Rori is in the same class as Hideo and Judau as an aspiring pilot in the J-Academy. She's quite laidback and not really interested in the classes. She admits bluntly she's only in the school to meet a husband who might become famous and who will help her accomplish her dream: become a celebrity. Under these superficial aspects, she will be the first to investigate on the real nature of the J-Suits and the past of Captain Copper.

Type: Shoot'em up

Strength: D/ Power: B/ Constitution: D/ Defense:C/ Speed: A

jeudi 20 février 2014

Playable Character: Polly Long Hu

Polly - Long Hu

Polly is the descendant of an ancient clan who sealed the Death Pirate a long time ago during a long-forgotten war. This normal young girl will have to embrace a destiny she wasn't expecting and she will have to learn to use those legendary powers to seal the beast again. But the task will be much harder when she will befriend Hideo...

Type: Shoot'em up

Strength: C/ Power: C/ Constitution: C/ Defense:A/ Speed: B

lundi 17 février 2014

Playable Characters: Gunter - Xenon The Prince of Merciless Darkness

Gunter - Xenon the Prince of Merciless Darkness

Gunter is the shy guy of the academy. He signed in as an aspiring pilot to become a hero but he ends up in the operator class by a strike of bad luck. Unable to accept this fate, he will disguise himself as Xenon, 'The Prince of Merciless Darkness" to become the Superhero he always wanted to become. In this disguise, he will have a totally different persona and he will create his own personal Army of Darkness made of elderly and yakuzas...

Type: Run n'gun

Strength: B/ Power: B/ Constitution: B/ Defense:B/ Speed: B

jeudi 13 février 2014

Playable Character: Bishop Mifune

Bishop - Mifune

This mysterious young man is an operator in the UCP Militia, the firm which builds and commercializes the J-Suits. He's unsociable and taciturn but he still has a strong sense of justice which will lead him to fight the Death Pirate many times...

Type: Beat'em up

Strength: A/ Power: D/ Constitution: B/ Defense:D/ Speed: A

lundi 10 février 2014

Playable Characters: Jazz Backhorn

Jazz - The Backhorn

Jazz is Hideo's childhood friend and one of the elite pilot of the UCP Militia. He falls in love with Polly and he will then have to fight Hideo to protect the one he loves. He's the protégé of Captain Copper, the J-Suit creator, which will soon become a more and more cumbersome burden.

Type: Beat'em up

Strength: A/ Power: D/ Constitution: B/ Defense:A/ Speed: D